Tuesday, December 04, 2018
Author: John Patterson

Tracking Study on the Evolution of Legal Cannabis in Canada

Advanis Research and Patterson, Langlois Consultants have completed the first wave of tracking research on the evolution of the legal Cannabis market in Canada.    This study looks at the le...

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Story Telling & Communication Skills

In my more than 25 years as a researcher, I have had the pleasure to work in numerous industries and roles, and in this span, John Patterson has been a worthy partner.  As a moderator, he has an uncanny ability to put respondents at ease and extract valuable insights.  I’ve seen this across a wide range of industries including recreational vehicles, packaged goods, OTC drugs and even highly complex prescription medications.  However, John’s talents go beyond that of a moderator:  He also uses his expertise to help frame business and research issues to maximize the utility of research initiatives.  One of John’s greatest qualities remains his unique story-telling talent that brings research findings to life whilst highlighting their strategic value to senior managers and executives.


Client: Stephane Goyette, Ph.D Student & Marketing Research Professional