Friday, November 25, 2016
Author: John Patterson

Study on Canada Post

Patterson, Langlois Consultants and its partners Ad Hoc Research, Laroche Recherche, the Parriag Group and Qualbox recently completed a major study titled "Canada Post Review: Research with Canadians"...

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Public Sector Research

For the past twenty years, when I found myself facing a seemingly intractable problem, I've turned to the insight and experience of John Patterson to help me find my way forward.

John has provided in-depth qualitative and quantitative research services to advance many federal government policy initiatives.   These were sometimes complex questions such as understanding how new immigrants are integrated into Canada.  He has also provided marketing services to pre and post test advertising campaigns.

John has the strategic touch.  He listens to me and quickly grasps both my vision and what it takes to make it real.  His considerable insight and experience has always led my organization to the right and best answers.

Progress is only possible with grounded understanding of your clients, their needs and what works in the current business environment.  John gives organizations the clarity they need to progress.

Katharine Trim
President, Trim Design and Communications
and former D.G. of Communications
National Research Council, Ottawa

Client: National Research Council, Ottawa