Tuesday, December 04, 2018
Author: John Patterson

Tracking Study on the Evolution of Legal Cannabis in Canada

Advanis Research and Patterson, Langlois Consultants have completed the first wave of tracking research on the evolution of the legal Cannabis market in Canada.    This study looks at the le...

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Recruiting for the Canadian Forces

The public opinion research program of the Department of National Defence took a new direction when Patterson, Langlois was hired to redesign the research used to develop the recruitment advertisement campaign for the Canadian Forces.  The use of perception analysers in a mega-group setting (75-80 participants) was key to advancing our understanding of the public perception about the Canadian Forces and the variety of jobs it offers.  It allowed us to confirm some of the hypothesis we had about the possible impact certain images and messages had on our target audience.  The follow up mini focus groups enabled us to probe deeper and gain a clearer picture of the impact these images and messages had on the decision-making process to consider enrolling in the CF.   Given the CF’s growing involvement in Afghanistan, it was imperative that the notion of “unlimited liability” be clearly and effectively communicated as part of the marketing recruitment effort.  In the end, John Patterson’s contribution to the research design, his personalised management of the project and his frankness at communicating research results enabled the CF to identify and recruit the right people for the right job.  It’s the best public opinion research project I have had the pleasure to commission and work on in the past decade.

Client: Mike Walker, former public opinion research manager for the Department of National Defence.