Friday, November 25, 2016
Author: John Patterson

Study on Canada Post

Patterson, Langlois Consultants and its partners Ad Hoc Research, Laroche Recherche, the Parriag Group and Qualbox recently completed a major study titled "Canada Post Review: Research with Canadians"...

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We are the owners of a set of 100 Perception Analyzer system, which we have used for various clients over the last 12 years. We both use this tool in our projects and rent it to clients and other research firms (along with an operator).

The P.A. system has seen a lot of use in the political arena over recent years, particularly to “track” how different parts of an audience are responding to real-time stimuli such as a leader’s debate. The technology is even more powerful as a real-time participant selection tool to allow qualitative to happen with parts of an audience that have responded a particular way to an ad or some other stimulus. We have found this to be an effective way to improve on the more “hit and miss” a priori recruiting techniques, and a way of enhancing the quality and power of insight that derives from qualitative.

You can learn more about how we use it here.

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